SPLOTS & ROUTES                                                                                                                                         «We tell ourselves stories in order to live» – Joan Didion.

To move and work inbetween, thats my way. I hold the community thinking high and art projects that through narratives connect to peoples identity. Thats when the magic happens, people connect to themselves, others and society. We are living in  a time of high globalization. So what kind of arts &crafts doing can hold democracy, diversity and equality to the heart. I belive embroidery is the way and I work with two approaches toward peoples lives and stories.

THE SPLOT is a method which was developed by anthropologist Aina Landsverk Hagen. She and her co-workers get youngsters to draw their own SPLOT by asking where do you feel good, where is your heart at? Then they draw an abstract form free of hierarchy around it. I took the SPLOT- drawing a bit further and into embroidery. The youngsters transfer their SPLOTS to the embroidery fabric and use the needle and tread as an extension and expression of their own transcultural lives.

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THE ROOTS&ROUTE is a method I have developed based on the thinking of cultural theorist Stuart Hall:     » Instead of asking what are people´s roots, we ought to think about what are their routes, the different points by which they have come to be now, they are, in sense the sum of those differences.» With embroidery I belive we can let the needle and tread visualize the embodiment of the concrete and abstract at the same time. The embroidery fabric becomes the meeting place and the community. I see the fabric, needle and tread as a place for people to visualize a understanding of their own belonging.