Going back to my Routes

Stuart Hall says: «Instead of asking what are people‘s roots, we ought to think about what are their routes, the different points by which they have come to be now; they are, in a sense, the sum of those differences. »

For the next 5 months I am living in Harlem, NYC. I am going back to my own childhood narratives that holds these differences growing up with my African American step father and  the small community of ethnically diverse people living in a very homogeneous Oslo in the early 70 s. This is a part of my narrative and identity and after 40 years I chose to live in Harlem because it makes the memories come alive and also a part of my feeling of belonging. My body is my archive. The people in the streets and the easy interaction while passing, «how you doing?» The colors on the buildings, cars, clothes,  sounds and smells and I think of Baumgarten and his definition of aesthetics as «sensuous knowledge». Yes this is my sensuous knowledge to, alongside my Norwegian. I am in between. I am here on a quest and a detour and it makes perfectly sense being in the known unknown in some sort of a daily life. And find support in the thinking of Ricoeur:

Denne lysbildefremvisningen krever JavaScript.

«Refiguration by narrative confirms this aspect of self-knowledge which goes far beyond the narrative domain that the self does not know itself immediately, but only inderectly, through the detour of cultural sings of all sorts, which articulate action, among them the narratives of daily lives (Ricoeur, 1991, s.80).»

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